"Vrije vogels"
Literally people who are "Free as a bird". Every glider pilot feels completely free when flying. Silent flight on free solar energy. At one with nature, enjoying every minute of the flight. A dream for many, a privilege for few.
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From 1963 the Eindhovense Aero Club in Holland used the Ka-7 as a trainer. After 16 years the club sold the plane. 10 members bought it. Since then they have enjoyed many long flights with the two-seater. 
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Information PH-314
Of the 520 Ka-7 gliders built, many of them are still flying today. A very successful glider. 
The following gives you a technical overview and performance data on the PH-314.
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"Weiland Express" - Dutch for "Paddock Express"
In the 1980's, artist Jan van Alphen painted the PH-314 in an unusual way. The name "Weiland Express" refers to the large number of outlandings. It became one of the most photographed gliders in Europe.
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Jan van Alphen again at work
In 2002 Jan van Alphen showed his creativity again. This time the motto was "Vrije Vogels."
The Ka-7 pilots as free birds in the sky of Europe.
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Forty thousand kilometres with "Wood"
Snoerie made his first cross country flight with a Grunau Baby. The flight ended in a field in Oud-Turnhout, Belgium. He has a precise registration of all his flights. Snoerie completed his flight around the world with wooden gliders at the last day of July 2003. At the end of 2009 his total distance on "wood" was 47400 kms. 
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Emperor Penguins at Eindhoven Airport
1 April Fool Joke. It is not often permitted to land and park a glider at Eindhoven Airport. The PH-314 was cleared to land on the first of April 2002 and arrived with his glider full with penguins and strange birds.
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Jubilee celebrations after fifty years gliding

On Sunday 30-09-1956 Henk van der Heijden made his first flight in a glider. This was in a Rhönlerche, PH-242. Fifty years later and after another 13364 flights, he made a memorial flight to celebrate “Fifty Years as a Glider Pilot.” Henk was together with his friend and partner in their famous KA-7 Ad van der Velden. Following a tow by a Piper Pawnee they released at an altitude of 2930 meters. It was an unforgettable flight the memories of which will be jealously guarded.

For more information see the photo album of the flight.

Farewell as a gliding instructor

Henk van der Heijden is an honorary member of the “Eindhovense Aero Club zweefvliegen” and the “Eerste  Zeeuws Vlaamse Aero Club” at Axel. In august 2006 he celebrated his 65th birthday. He had decided to stop instructing at 65. Henk had been instructing in both clubs for forty years.



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