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Aerobatic Gliding

Airspeed Horsa Invasion Glider

ASH-26E Air Start

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Bureacracy and the Idiot (from Mike Hogan: why Europe is threatening our sport and turning us all into idiots)

Chile Sailplane Grand Prix

Extreme Gliding Vinon France Ecrins

Glider aerobatics

Glider aerobatics at Yorkshire Gliding Club

Gliding 1930

Gliding 1960

Gliding Video (from Nympsfield)

Gliding Yorkshire 1935

Horten Ho-2 Flying Wing Test Flight 1935

Irmy's Gliding Aerobatics

Joey's Gliding Day

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Morning Glory Cloud

Old Glider Flight

Portmoak - A Fine Week of Gliding

Reason and the Cheerful Robot (from Mike Hogan: more about how our freedom has been destroyed by bureaucracies and workplace fascism)

Slingsby T51 Dart Sailplane

Smokin low passes

Sport Gliding in the 1920's

Sport Gliding in the 1930's

Stemme S10-VT part 1

Waco G-4 Assault Glider

What is Grand Prix Gliding?

Wormingford Gliding from Simon Price

Wormingford T21

WW2 US Glider prep for Normandy

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